For Civil-Society Organizations

The report “Financing Nature: Closing the Global Biodiversity Financing Gap” placed the global biodiversity funding gap at an average US$ 711 billion. Today around US$ 24 billion is spent on conservation efforts. This means we cannot save nature through conservation action alone. CSO’s need to widen their scope and that is what the Hive helps them to do.

Step 1: Understand:

During an intense course CSO representatives are introduced to the world of business and finance. By a combination of trainings, interviews with representatives from the sector and other experts through capacity building is given to a group of selected employees.

Step 2: Strategize:

Together with the team of The Hive an engagement strategy is developed for your project. Whether this is targeted at a specific impact in a landscape – such as oil and gas exploration in a KBA (a key biodiversity area) -, a commodity – such as palm oil, or a specific investor – for example a local bank that has a considerable investment in deforestation commodities. The organization is supported to develop an engagement plan, which can include both cooperation and campaigning tactics. The Hive provides technical research – for example on who the investors are behind a company operating in their landscape – but also practical training in negotiation skills.

Step 3 Alternatives:

To close the biodiversity finance gap alternatives need to be found of landscape level investments that support nature and people. But how do you give your ideas wings? During this step The Hive supports you to develop value chains in the landscape by testing your ideas, brokering with potential investors and linking to pilot and upscaling projects.

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