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A Compass for navigating the world of biodiversity footprinting tools

An introduction for companies and policy makers

Top business engagement tips for conservation organizations

Recent articles:

ABN AMRO commits to biodiversity:

“Once a species is gone, it’s gone for good”

28 January 2021

Article about the elephant in the room

Impact on nature

For financial institutions, 1 October 2020

Article in the Dutch financial times

8 July 2020

Article about biodiversity footprinting tools

8 July 2020

Announcement of collective engagement on water co-engineered by IUCN NL

28 September 2020

Article about how different engagement approaches can be used in working with business

December 2019

Blog about what conservation organizations can learn from the financial sector

12 September 2019

Blog about development of Tanzania Banking Principles as part of Sustain Africa

29 May 2018

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